Crafts, Gifts & Supplies


After years of hennaing I wanted to offer quality products for the budding henna artist.  Having tried many products myself I have learnt what works and what doesn't.


In my Etsy shop you will find:


  • Wooden Essential Oil Storage Boxes - help keep you Essential Oils safe, protected from light and in optimum condition for adding to your henna paste
  • Henna Aftercare Oils - perfect for applying to the skin after paste removal to protect the design from water and help enhance colour development
  • Henna Supplies Kit fot Beginners - Coming Soon! 
  • Art Work - Perfect gifts, house warming presents or just for you. When I'm not booked for henna body art, I keep myself busy with art projects using the technique of henna. 


Wishing you all very
Happy New Year.

Here's to 2018!