Henna After Care


Achieving the best possible henna stain is more than just using great quality henna. It requires care after the henna has been applied.


Henna loves heat. Here in the UK, unless you are lucky enough to get your henna done during the two weeks we call our summer you will have to make that little bit of extra effort to look after you henna to achieve the best possible stain.  It is possible! Just take a look the the galley for examples of brides who took the advice below and looked after their henna.


Before Henna Application:

  • Remove any cream or lotion on the skin where henna is to be applied as these will form a barrier between the henna and the skin.
  • Any form of hair removal and / or exfoliation should be done at least 48 hours prior to henna application.
  • Manicures / pedicures should ideally be done before henna application as the skin above the cuticle is sometimes exfoliated.


Immediately After Henna Application:

  • Keep the hennaed areas warm.  
    When I wrap henna it is done in a way that prevents sweat from accumulating and ruining the henna.
  • Apply a lemon and sugar seal to help the henna stay on the skin longer and prevent it from crumbling off.
    For brides, I will apply this before wrapping the hennaed areas.
  • Try not to move the hennaed areas too much as this may cause the henna to crumble off.

After the Henna has been removed:

  • Protect from water for 12-24 hours.
  • Apply oil (not baby oil or vaseline) to the hennaed area to form a water barrier.
  • Do not exfoliate the hennaed area.

Henna Stain Progression


Ideally, the henna should be applied 2-3 days before the event giving the colour enough time to develop. With natural henna, immediately after paste removal the stain will be orange and this will darken over a period of 24-36 hours to a dark brown.

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